6 Years Old (Autism Spectrum)

My son is non-verbal autistic 6 year old boy that was born with a cleft lip and palate. He has had speech and occupational therapy for years. Avani slowly introduced us to ABM Neuromovement in which we decided to give it a try for our son, primary because it is non-invasive.
After a few sessions my son seemed to like it and started saying sounds and vocalizing more than ever before. He began mumbling during session, soon leading to short words. He seemed physically more confident with his body strength. He began using movement more at home, pushing me away to attempt to complete simple tasks on his own, when previously would always need my guidance

Jeovanna, Mother

Young Adult (Cri-du-chat Syndrome)

Being a caregiver for a young adult with special needs led me to learning about what the Anat Baniel Method Neuromovement was really all about. Working closely with the practitioner during my client’s lessons allowed me to better understand the different ways that I could continue to better support her. The changes in my client were evident and the other people like her teachers, paraprofessionals and family began to also notice these changes! One of the most noticeable changes has been the level of response that she gives when she is asked to do something. She is more engaged in the task completion and is able to remain focused for longer periods of time; as result she is able to learn more challenging skills that can help her reach a higher level of independence!

Karina, Caregiver

4 Years Old (Cerebral Palsy)

ABM has been a life changing therapy for my daughters!! It is because of the therapy and our amazing practitioner, Avani Zaidi, that my daughters have been able to move past the plateaus they were stuck at in conventional therapies. Avani is such a caring, compassionate, gentle practitioner that gives all of herself to her clients and connects with them on a neuro level. She is amazing to watch in action.

Tina C, Mother

6 Years Old (Epilepsy, Post Hemispherectomy)

After trying traditional therapy and having my hopes down, I decieded to try out ABM therapy. When I met Avani, I saw the willingness she had to help my daughter with her needs and giving me hope when her other therapist didn’t. After taking a week of intensive ABM therapy, I noticed progress. My daughter has hemiparisis on her left side and she started to become more aware of her that side. I witnessed her holding on to her baby doll stroller with both hands for the first time and using more words after a couple of sessions. She was also more calm and attentive.

Maria O, Mother